A Quick Update on Upcoming Products

Hello all!

I just wanted to post quickly about the timeline for the release of a few of my next products. 

I'm aware some of you are excitedly waiting for the release of some of my new products, and I want to reassure you that some of them will be coming in the next month or two.

I've been extremely busy with my full-time job and haven't had a lot of time or energy to work on my new formulations, and for that I apologize. I may be quitting my current job in the coming weeks or months, and if I follow through on that, I'll be able to dedicate much more time into getting new products out there! Just remember, I'm just one person, and I put a lot of testing into my products before I release them. I hope you understand.

Regardless, I will at least have the skin serums and bar soap out on the market by the end of this month and June.



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