The Basics of a Holistic Lifestyle

When it comes to bodily health, the term "holistic remedy" is often thrown around, and is constantly disregarded by the medical establishment as misinformation or wrongfully labeled as dangerous practices. But what does it really mean? It's a comprehensive approach that considers the whole person, not just external factors or symptoms. It takes into account lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and environmental factors -- not simply popping a few opioids and calling it a day. 

Before I go into detail on this subject, let me first say that I'm not a medical professional and will never claim to be. I do think that hospitals and doctors do have their benefits -- mainly in emergency care and obviously running blood tests and such. Anything chronic disease or nutrition related, however, I would avoid seeking these places and professions out. That's entirely my opinion and I urge you to come to your own conclusions.

What is My Personal Philosophy?

By focusing on internal factors like nutrition and stress management, holistic living is, in my opinion, the "right" way to remedy many common ailments, including acne, parasite infestation, low energy or libido, and even hair loss.

It's my belief and understanding that so many diseases and illnesses are caused by our God-awful eating habits and toxic, modern environments, disconnected from the Earth. Most of us, me included, spend way too much time indoors, closed off from nature. This is not the way we were designed to live.

As I'm coming to find out, immersing oneself in nature can be one of the greatest healing tools we have access to, but is seldom used.

Now, this doesn't mean that modern medicine, science and knowledge can't assist us on our own journeys (just look at synthetic peptides or Methylene Blue). These can greatly enhance and speed up our natural healing processes. That's why some of my products don't exclusively contain only natural ingredients, but also can include man-made ones too - see my Methylene Blue Tallow & Honey Balm as an example.

God designed us to be able to improve our lives based off the knowledge of those who came before us. We've completely ditched this philosophy, tossing most of this knowledge in favor of relying solely on drugs and largely unnecessary medical interventions, and in the process, enriching and emboldening malicious political and societal actors. 

Basics of Holistic Living - A Starting Point

The easiest way to really get into holistic living is to change the way you eat. (this still takes tons of willpower). 

  • Start by ditching all fast food - These meals are loaded with toxic ingredients, pesticides and gut irritants. This is non-negotiable.
  • No seed oils - This one's self-explanatory. These are industrially produced oils, high in PUFAs and get stored as fat in your body (think cellulite), and can have a pretty lengthy half-life, before they are used up and burned off. Occasional fasting can help get rid of these toxic fat stores.
  • Eat a balanced diet - I don't believe that fad diets (such as keto) are sustainable in the long term - they can actually cause more health issues. Sustained keto (low-carb diet) can be very damaging to our already-stressed thyroid glands, which is in charge of regulating our hormones. Your body needs carbs - but the source matters. 
  • Organic, whole foods - Eating organic is so important these days, with pesticides such as glyphosate being widely used. These are gut irritants (gut killers would be more accurate) - something you definitely want to avoid. You want to stick with whole foods - fruit, diverse cuts of red meat, carrots, raw dairy (pasteurized is hard to digest and is nutritionally inferior), and pastured eggs are great starting points. Just experiment with what works for you.

You can't really go wrong by eating healthier. I can guarantee your body will thank you, and you may see your health improve just by doing this.

Secondly, get out in the sun and into nature. Pick up that tennis racquet!

  • But I'll get sunburned! - At first, yes, you likely will. Sunburns are caused by the release of PUFAs when the toxic fats in your body are oxidized by the sun, causing mild to severe inflammation. The main cause of these toxic build-ups is the consumption of seed oils found in almost ALL processed foods, even ones that claim to be healthy or natural. Once your body gets rid of these toxic fat stores, you'll find that your skin burns a lot less easily.
  • Getting ample sunlight - There are so many benefits to this, that I'm not going to even attempt listing all of them. Basically, we were designed to be in the sun, our bodies naturally dispositioned to work in harmony with its light. I know people can have some pretty busy lives - so do I, but I don't think that getting 30 minutes to and hour in the sun is too much to ask. Also, stop wearing sunglasses!
  • Get that body moving! - I think this one's pretty easy to understand. When you exercise, especially when doing sports (full body movement, not just lifting weights), it gets your blood moving, as well as your lymph fluid. Both of these are crucial to disposing of toxins found in the body. When you spend too much time stagnant, these toxins are not able to be disposed of efficiently, leading to a build-up of toxins and then systematic inflammation in turn.

Most importantly, you need to trust that God will take care of you and help you heal. I know, some of you may think that God is nonsense or may even be angered that I mention Him, but I don't care. This is what I believe, and I'm going to share it with others. It's up to you to consider it or be annoyed. You don't have to accept it.

This can be the most difficult step. You may feel that you're making no progress and that God isn't listening or helping you -- For the longest time, I didn't even consider asking God for help. Now that I've incorporated God back into my life (daily praying is a big one), and generally trying to live a more God-pleasing life, I feel that I've been getting better by the day, with more mental clarity of what I need to change next.

But all that doesn't compare to the spiritual health that you'd be building and healing. Life here on Earth is short, but after the physical world, life (or death) is eternal. Why would you not invest time into building up you spiritual health?

In Closing


Holistic Living: It's pretty simple -- well, maybe not. I still learn new things every day.

But if you're looking to simultaneously improve various aspects of your life, living holistically is really the only way to do it. You're not going to get a miracle drug from the doctor that heals all your ailments (they often can't even heal one). By simply eating clean, getting more sunlight, and getting more movement, you can achieve clearer skin, better digestion and higher confidence, to name a few. 

But don't expect overnight results or transformations. Our bodies have been so damaged by our environment, it's going to take some time to detox and heal. This can range from a couple months to even a year or longer, depending on the individual and the severity of their conditions.

Be patient, pray and stay diligent.

The results and blessings will come.

Things do get better.


Ryan Crick - Founder



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