Welcome to The Sun Naturalion Company, where nature's purity meets modern wellness solutions; a small business with a big commitment to offering natural, high-quality hygiene, cosmetic and wellness products.

The Beginning

Founded in 2023 by your truly (Ryan Crick), I've developed a passion for embracing the simplicity of nature and combining this with the wonders of modern medicine and science. In an era dominated by toxic chemical compositions and misleading marketing, I envisioned a return to the holistic health practices of our ancestors, feeling a responsibility to challenge the corporate giants that have taken over the health, hygiene and cosmetic industries. That's why I started The Sun Naturalion Company.

Handcrafted Excellence

Every product is handmade, ensuring that every jar, bottle and package reflects my dedication to offering effective, healthy products. Each product is inspected to guarantee that it meets my stringent standards for excellence.

The Power of Simplicity

My approach to product formulation is guided by the philosophy that simplicity is often the path to true effectiveness. I will always craft straightforward, uncomplicated formulas, that not only work, but also align with the principles of holistic living. 

A Mission for Wellness

By founding The Sun Naturalion Company, my mission is to reclaim our health from companies that prioritize profits over well-being. I firmly believe that your well-being should never be compromised by toxic ingredients, often cleverly disguised as healthy options.

A Commitment to Quality

My commitment to quality is non-negotiable. I'm dedicated to offering products that are genuinely good for you, aligning with nature's inherent purity. I will never cut corners or sacrifice quality to make a quick buck.

Join My Journey

I invite you to join me in my mission to prioritize our personal health and well-being. By choosing The Sun Naturalion Company, you are not only making a purchase but also making a statement. You are choosing products that support your health AND the well-being of our planet.

Your Feedback Matters

I value your feedback, suggestions, and input. I want to know how I could make my products even better. Shoot me an email at info@sun-naturalion.com with any suggestions on product improvements, new product suggestions or just general business advice!

Thank you for choosing The Sun Naturalion Company. Together, we can embrace traditional, holistic lifestyles and create a healthier, happier world.